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10 razloga zašto te mrzim

Ovih dana sam dobio zanimljiv mail od nekog meni nepoznatog. U posljednje vrijeme ako se izuzme posao ne dolaze mailovi. Čini se kako su moderne komunikacije "dohakale" malo starijem, ali također modernom načinu komuniciranja. Mailova je sve manje a i oni koji se uspiju probiti kroz spam filtere budu nekakve bezvezarije. Budući da nije više 2002. cirkularne mailove i one zezancije u power pointu odmah brišem bez gledanja...Ali evo... nešto se ipak probilo...izgleda zanimljivo

That Nobody Dares To Acknowledge

MEDITERRANEAN 27-July-2014 | Jaime Pozuelo-Monfort

1/ Americans have the greatest standard of living in the Planet, at the expense of the rest of the planet and its exploitation. God Bless America (but what about the rest of the Planet?).

2/ Europeans are proud of defending democracy and an agenda of human rights. However the most brutal dictatorships and most evil and violent individuals in Human History have been European... not that long ago.

3/ Africans have been enslaved, mistreated and massacred throughout centuries. However in order to move forward towards progress and prosperity it is up to Africans to make the first step forward.

4/ Islamic fundamentalism and terror must be stopped. However we must also stop preventive war and unlawful unilateral government-led invasions that cause equal or even more harm.

5/ Drug trafficking is an offense. But so is consumption in developed countries. If demand and consumption are legal, so should be offer and production. One more episode of Western hypocrisy at its best.

6/ There is no such thing as illegal immigrants. There is fear of one another, stereotypes, prejudice, intolerance, exclusion and sometimes hatred. We are all World Citizens.

7/ All religions can co-exist if we choose freedom and tolerance over dogmatism, superiority and arrogance. Muslims and Christians can embrace the Alliance of Civilizations.

8/ Free trade is important. But fair trade is equally or perhaps more important.

9/ We no longer need politicians to manage the system. We need managers, administrators, policymakers and most important we need dreamers.

10/ Bankers must upgrade the global financial system or go to hell.

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